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Graystone Stable provides quality care for each and every horse on our farm. For more information on the Main Barn FACILITIES click here!

Full care includes: ($500/month)

  • A 12 x 12 stall with rubber mats

  • Daily individual or small group turnout

  • Horses are turned out at night during the summer and during the day in the winter. Grain as needed - we use Halloway 

  • We will administer supplements at feeding but do not provide them.

  • Hay as needed - Timothy, Grass, Timothy/Alfalfa Mix

  • Horses are fed twice a day (three times if needed).

  • Stalls cleaned once a day

  • Pine shavings in stalls

  • Full use of facilities

  • Blanket, fly sheet, fly mask and boot changes as needed.

  • Mineral/Salt blocks in fields as well as stalls.

  • We will administer worming and vaccines at an additional charge.

  • Fans in each stall during the summer and heated buckets in each stall during the winter.

  • We use Dr. Chris Newton and Dr. Mike Beyer for our vets and Juan Carlos as our farrier. Boarders can use our vet and farrier or choose their own.


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