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For a current list of horses for sale or if you do not see what you are looking for please go to our Facebook page or contact us at


Lover is a 16.3 6yo OTTB Gelding. Ammy friendly, sane boy who loves attention and is a very easy ride. He has been started on basic flat work and over poles. He seems very brave and could easily go in any direction! 


Back Again is a 15.3 3yo OTTB Gelding. Super cute and seems very quiet. He will be restarted under saddle soon!


Desert is a 16.0 3yo OTTB Gelding. Ammy friendly sane, sounds boy who loves attention and has no spook. He has been started on basic flat work and over small jumps. He is very brave and seems to pop over anything pointed at. Has schooled a bit of xc fences. Could easily go in any direction! 


Mark is a 16.3 3yo OTTB Gelding retired to slow and ready for a new career!


Swope is a 16.1 3yo OTTB Gelding retired to slow and ready for a new career!


Cumberland River is a 17.1 OTTB Gelding by Distorted Humor. He competed in the retired racehorse project in 2019 in dressage. He finished 16th out of 130 horses. River is a lovely mover with 3 good gates. He is ammy friendly and very should and sane. He was retired off the track with no previous injuries or soundness issues. He has been started over fences and loves it. He has also schooled xc and was 2nd in his 1st mini trial. River has no vices or bad habits. He ties, trailers and clips.  


4yo 16.2 OTTB Gelding. Lightly raced and was too slow. Great brain and very ammy friendly. Would excel in any discipline. He is RRP 2020 eligible.


Tony is a 4yo TB gelding who did not race. He is a sweet as they come with no spook and very quiet. He would be perfect for an amature.  


Robbins 5 yo, 16.1 hand Gelding. Robbins is only for sale due to not enough time. He has shown Training Level dressage and 2'6" jumpers. My plan was to really begin his eventing career this year but I have had not enough time to do so. Robbins is an easy fun ride and he always tries. Defiantly one of the favorites of the barn. He will be the first to greet you and always wants attention. No buck or rear under saddle. Hacks alone or with company. Cross ties, ties to trailer, great for farrier or really anything! Laid back personality. Serious Upper level prospect!! Asking 10K to perfect home only.

2018 Show Results:

1st April Champagne Run Starter CT 
1st May Flying Cross MT
1st June Meadowlake Starter CT
7th August Antebellum CT
2nd TIP Championship
20th out of 120 The Retired Racehorse Project Dressage
2nd Octoberfest CT


Magic is a FANCY 4yo 16 hand gelding who only raced once. It is obvious that he was not going to make it on the track as he is super laid back and requires much leg! He has the best brain and is not a spooky horse. Currently working on basic dressage and has jumped a xrail. He is very brave and willing over xrails. He loves attention and has a sweet personality. Cross ties, good for baths, trailers and clips. Will stand under tack and hack out.


Ubee is a 3yo 16.3 hand OTTB gelding. He is a big boy with a ton of bone. He was retired sound by his race owners and has had lots of down time since the track and ready for a job! He is RRP eligable and so much fun on the ground and under tack. Ubee is very ammy friendly and a easy ride. No buck, no spook and no bad manners undersaddle or on the ground. No vices. Ubee is so easy going and quiet. 


Gift is a 3 y/o big 16.3 hand OTTB Gelding. By Algorithms a son of Bernardini! 2019 RRP Eligible. Gift was retired sound my owner/trainer and currently having some down time. Lovely big stride and very nice hind end. He is a extremely sweet horse, without a mean bone in his body. He loves being groomed and hugged. lol He has not been restarted under saddle yet. No vices or bad manners.


Spinning Serve is a 3yo OTTB gelding standing at 16.1 hands. He really is the sweetest horse with a puppy dog personality. He was retired from racing with 2 chips that we had removed. He could go in any direction and do any discipline. We have restarted him undersaddle and he is a joy to ride. W/T/C in both directions. I have not started jumping him and will not start until he is a bit older. I have trotted him over poles and he seems to enjoy it. He has a lovely big stride and very balanced for lack of training. He is more of a push ride and very safe under saddle. Can hack alone or with a friend, cross ties and is good for bathes and clipping. Currently in front shoes. He is a very special horse! 

Outlawed is a 6y/o OTTB Gelding. Very athletic and super sweet, retired sound with no limitations. 


Blue is a 10 y.o. QH Gelding. Blue is a sweet boy who wants to please. He stands 16.1 hands and has a big open stride. He is best suited for an experienced rider as he can get strong. He has been ridden both English and western. Currently being ridden by an amateur rider who has been riding him dressage and jumping. He could go in any direction and has no known injuries or health problems. Currently barefoot. Negotiable to excellent home only.



Domino is a 7 y.o. TB Gelding. Dom is unraced and a very sweet boy. He stands 15.3 hands and is currently schooling 2'3" - 2'6" courses. Easy w/t/c and no vices or bad habits. 



Noas is a 3y/o unraced Thoroughbred gelding. He is 16.2 hands. He worked a few times and showed no speed so was retired sound with clean legs, no injuries and no vices. He has a great brain, not spooky, big stride and a ton of bone for how young he is. Currently working on w/t/c. The left lead is hard for him. He could really go in any direction.




Trot Undersaddle:

Canter Undersaddle:



Rounding the Bases is a 6 y/o OTTB gelding. He is 16.2 hands. He raced a 4 times and showed no speed so was retired sound with clean legs, no injuries and no vices. He has a great brain, not spooky, big stride and a ton of bone.Currently working on basic dressage and learning to jump. He could really do anything and is a cute mover. He is a safe, quiet, fun horse with ability to do any discipline. 





Flat with 11 yo girl riding:



Echo Charlie is a 3 y/o OTTB gelding. He is 15.3 hands. He raced a 1 time and showed no speed so was retired sound with clean legs, no injuries and no vices. He is currently healing from his gelding and will be evaluated soon.



Marco is a 7 y/o tb gelding. He is 16.1 hands. He raced a few times and showed no speed so was retired sound with clean legs, no injuries and no vices. He was purchased by an adult armature who trail rode him frequently. She no longer had time for him so we picked him up. He has a great brain and not spooky. Currently working on basic dressage and learning to jump. He is very easy over fences. He is a point and go type. He does not rush to fences but loves to jump and has even schooled my ditch with no problem. He could really do anything and is a cute mover. He is a safe, quiet, fun horse with ability to do any discipline. 




Fire is an adorable 2015 tb gelding. He is just shy of 15.3 hands. He is unraced with clean legs, no injuries and no vices. Very sound and currently barefoot. He has a great brain and not spooky. He could really do anything and is a cute mover. He is still green so not suitable for a beginner rider but he is a safe, quiet horse. He has been started w/t/c, gets both leads and has been jumping cross rail courses with ease. Very brave to jumps and has been learning with a rider who is also learning to jump. He has been schooled small cross country fences including a ditch! Definitely a barn favorite as he is a very special horse.

Xrail trot:
Xrail canter:
Xrail line:
Xc logs:
Xc ditch:



Hatter is a 17.0 hand 4 y/o TB gelding. He was recently gelded and getting ready to start his retraining. He is a lovely mover and seems to have a good brain. He is an athletic type and could go in any direction!



Chris is a 16.3 hand 4 y/o TB gelding. He was retired sound with no previous injuries or vices! He is one of the sweetest horses. He is currently w/t/c and started over 2ft courses. We have also schooled him over small x/c fences including ditches and he loves it. He is not spooky and enjoys attention and a job. He could go in any direction but really loves the jumping and cross country!



Earl is a 16.2 hand 3 y/o TB gelding. He was retired sound with no previous injuries or vices and raced only once! He is sweet, loves attention and very playful. He is currently having some down time before being restared! He could go in any direction with training and is currently barefoot and UTD on shots/coggins.



Goober is a 16 hand 4 y/o adorable TB gelding. He was retired sound with no previous injuries or vices. He is sweet, loves attention and will stand all day long! He has had some down time after racing and recently been restarted under saddle. He is a kick ride, has no spook and very level headed for his age. He is a cute mover and very willing. Goober is currently w/t/c under saddle and jumping small courses. Picks up both leads and is loves to jump! He could go in any direction with more training. He is currently barefoot and UTD on shots/coggins.


4 y/o 16 hand gelding by Street Cry out of a GB mare Love Charm. Only raced 2 times! He is put together very well and has a playful personality. Good stride and is very brave with NO spook!! Loves loves loves to jump and currently jumping 2'3" courses. Cute jump and has a ton of scope. He can be lazy on the flat but as soon as he sees a fence he perks up and loves his job. He does require an intermediate rider because he can be a bit of a handful in the winter but very quiet in the summer! Tons of personality and could go in any direction!


I only have free lunge video right now because of inconstant work due to weather:


4 y/o 16.2 hand gelding. Only raced 6 times and was just to slow! He very very sweet with the best personality. He has a big stride and is a wonderful mover. Cat is very brave with no spooke and loves to jump!! Quiet under saddle and is currently jumping small cross rails. He is very sane and sound. 


​​16.3 hand 3 y/o UNRACED Gelding. Escher is a handsom boy and has a lovely floating stride!! He is a Distorted Humor foal by a Graded Stakes Placed mare, Stage Luck. Escher will be restarted under saddle soon. He is a sweet personality and is very laid back. Should finish at 17+ hands.


​​16.2 hand 5 y/o UNRACED gleding. Very very sweet and loves his job. Big movement and great jump. Currently schooling training level dressage and jumping 2 ft courses. No spook and loves cross country. Very level headed and will hack on a long rein. Tower is a very special horse!


​​7 y/o 16.2 hand OTTB gelding. Lightly raced and retired 100% sound. Super sweet boy who is very sane and a lovely ride. Only for sale due to lack of time and too many horses. Very brave and will jump anything you point him at including but not limited to up/down banks into water, ditches, corners, skinnies and jumps in and out of water. Currently easily schooling 2'9" courses and has been jumped under saddle up to 3'3" with room for much more. Has done 2 starter CT's and won one! He also did one starter MT and was 8th finishing on his dressage score! Never looks at anything and is a point and shoot type. Can be strong on XC so would recommend a intermediate rider. Only available to a great match and perfect home!! Serious inquiries only!



Kris is a 11 y/o Belgian/TB Cross Gelding standing at 16.2 hands. This lovely, fun gelding is for sale to a good home. Kristian has been used lightly throughout his life, is a sweet, in your pocket horse, forward when asked to be and just plain fun to ride! Classic, easy ride on the flat and over jumps. He looks like an Oldenburg with his gorgeous head and legs, he is big bodied and well built. Though an elegant mover who would excel in dressage, eventing, foxhunting, jumpers or simply as an all-around horse is a great fit for him. He has foxhunted with his adult amateur owner, in training with an eventing instructor and is sound and healthy. He has no vices, carries himself nicely and is an honest, sane jumper. Very athletic, sweet and personable, dark red with chrome and he even has dapples! He has been taken of the farm a ton and loves to go places. Has been jumped up 3'3" - 3'6" Price: $9,500.


​​5y/o Thoroughbred Gelding for sale. 16.3 hands and very big boned. Street Art is a serious upper level prospect! Huge floating trot and balanced canter. Art has a great mind and very athletic. He is easy going and very personable. He loves to be played with and always looking for attention. Very happy guy! He is laid back with a great personality. Art only had 2 starts on the track and was very slow. He was retired 100% sound with no previous injuries or vices. He had not been re-started under saddle yet but will be in the next couple weeks. Win the Retired Racehorse Project! Serious Inquiries only



4y/o 16.3 TB gelding. Pico is super QUIET and not spooky at all. I ride him in spurs! He is a lovable guy who is always happy and looking for more attention. Big boned and has a big stride. Barefoot!! Currently schooling cross rail courses and has schooled a little cross country, including logs and ditches! Not scared of anything, will walk up to plastic bags blowing around to see what they are. Big, sound, quiet guy!!! No vices.



5 y/o QH pony! Mo is defiantly the cutest member of Graystone. He is 14.3 hands and has a huge stride! Feels like you are riding a horse rather than a pony under saddle. Mo was not broke when we got him and we are currently working on balance at the w/t/c under saddle. Mo is also cantering 2 ft courses in our ring and jumping logs on our cross country course. He has great form over fences and is very brave. He will jump anything you point him at! Mo is very lovable and never pins his ears or makes mean faces. He will be suitable for a child with a little more training but already basically bombproof. 


Gracie is now available for adoption through the Exceller Fund! She is a super cute 4y/o Thoroughbred cross that sticks right at 15 hands. Gracie Thoroughbred mother was rescued at a auction and it was later learned that she was pregnant with Gracie. We are thinking that she is a TBXQH cross but not 100% sure. Gracie is very sane with no spook! She is quiet and super easy - just needs some miles! Very personal and an easy keeper. Currently w/t/c under saddle and will start over cross rails soon! Her adoption fee is $600. 


Click here for more information about the EXCELLER Fund



10 y/o 16.1 Dark Bay Gelding


Jersey is a lovely athletic Thoroughbred gelding. He loves to jump and never stops. Jersey has been shown in the 3' - 3'3" jumpers and done very well. He has the scope for more. He will excel in any discipline! He has a lovely floating movement for dressage and is bold enough over fences for cross country. He hacks around our farm bareback in a halter and lead rope. He is very quiet on the flat but will require a more advanced rider over jumps because he will take you to a fence. His current owner cannot afford to have 2 horses so he must go and price is negotiable to a good home! No vices, injuries or soundness isuess!


5 y/o Quarter Horse 15.2 hands


Bubbles won her first horse show with her new owner Amber!


​​10 year old, 16.0 Hands Swedish Warmblood/Thoroughbred Cross

Sky is a very fancy lovely mover who always scores well in Dressage. She in not complicated and fun to ride. Loves to jump and go cross country. She has no spook and has been schooled over up/down banks in/out of water, coffins and loves to jump! Great lower level event horse (through training) or upper level dressage prospect. Sound, no vices, no previous injuries, easy keeper, great feet and fun to ride! Hacks on long rein, trailers well and is quiet at shows. Fun and fancy horse!


​​6y/o Bay Canadian Thoroughbred Gelding by Woodman16.0 hands

Currently Eventing Starter 7y/o Bay Canadian Thoroughbred Gelding by Woodman for sale! Knotty is an upper level event prospect that has shown in a few starter horse trials. In 2011 he was 5th in the Summer School M.T. finishing on this Dressage score! He is very brave and never stops! He has schooled banks in and out of water, ditches and logs in water. He is a flashy mover with a very soft mouth. No bad habits and no previous injuries .


2011 Results:

5th - Knotty - Summer School M.T.

11th - Knotty - Octoberfest H.T.



6y/o Chestnut German Thoroughbred Gelding16.0 hands


Congrats to Chance's new owner Morgan who won their 1st horse trial!


6y/o Bay Thoroughbred Gelding16.1 hands


Kash and new owner Betsy Kaywood finished #10 inthe Nation for the USEA 2010 Beginner Novice JuniorRider Division! Congrats Betsy!

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